I Step Forward

I am a Kenyan citizen of the world and an independent worker.

My mission in life is to do all I can – individually and with others – to make a difference.

Everyday I immerse myself in thought and learning on leadership, governance, democracy, social justice and the true meaning of citizenship and freedom.

As an active citizen and change maker, I know it takes every day acts of citizenship to build better societies that are open, free, fair, just and governed in ways that protect, promote and fulfil these bare minimums as guarantors of dignity.

So I am a restless activist, organizer and strategist constantly learning, innovating and spreading ideas and ways that citizens as change makers can act to decisively disorientate, dismantle and neutralize oppression and all its connections and manifestations.

I imagine. And design. And develop. And implement ideas and actions that expand and win possibilities for an open, equitable and just society for all humans regardless of origin or difference.

Real change is possible because I do stuff to make it happen.

I step forward!



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