Brave Citizens Governed by Cowards

Today, the cowards in power didn’t know exactly what to do when the courageous youth they’ve hired as new interns assured them that they’d keep confidential only the good deeds of the Government of Kenya. They assured the power honchos that they’ll be working for, and learning from their time with the diverse public institutionsContinue reading “Brave Citizens Governed by Cowards”

A Kenyan Revolution? We Must Wait Longer. Unfortunately

What is common in all revolutions is the existence of threats to citizen’s dignity and humanity and the willingness of citizens, in their numbers, to do something about it. Not blueprints, nor clarity on steps and milestones; nor any definitive leadership; nor hard consensus about how the revolution’s results could look like. It’s fury first,Continue reading “A Kenyan Revolution? We Must Wait Longer. Unfortunately”


From verbal and physical attacks on girls and women in my life, it is clear to me that the stripping of women by some male scoundrels as recently witnessed in Nairobi, Bungoma and Mombasa had nothing to do with the dressing of those women. These attacks are outward projections of a society drenched in misogyny,Continue reading “NOT DRESS! IT’S MISOGYNY, SEXISM AND LAWLESSNESS”

Goodbye 2013: If it were as simple as that

2013 was an eventful year for Kenya. Today, the air is filled with mixed emotions depending on individuals’ experiences of the past year. For those that the year heralded good tidings, their emotions when bidding good bye 2013 could be nostalgic and clingy. If only the good year could last longer. For those whose experiencesContinue reading “Goodbye 2013: If it were as simple as that”