From verbal and physical attacks on girls and women in my life, it is clear to me that the stripping of women by some male scoundrels as recently witnessed in Nairobi, Bungoma and Mombasa had nothing to do with the dressing of those women. These attacks are outward projections of a society drenched in misogyny,Continue reading “NOT DRESS! IT’S MISOGYNY, SEXISM AND LAWLESSNESS”

Whispers in Verse 1

ABSCESS IN STATE – by Nduko o’Matigere My state’s lower abdomen aches Paining in gnawing unending pangs Each movement a spell in acute pain Like a branding rod: red hot; frightening Pressed coldly atop sections of the country’s buttocks The sores and pain and itching mingle My motherland’s lower abdomen is swollen A congealed collectionContinue reading “Whispers in Verse 1”