Brave Citizens Governed by Cowards

Today, the cowards in power didn’t know exactly what to do when the courageous youth they’ve hired as new interns assured them that they’d keep confidential only the good deeds of the Government of Kenya.

They assured the power honchos that they’ll be working for, and learning from their time with the diverse public institutions while hoping to be of positive influence in the service to the public.

But hell No!, The youth declared today: They will never promise to look the other way when it comes to official corruption, and that they will be avid whistleblowers no matter the consequence to their careers already sinfully delayed by the same corrupt mongrels entreating them about the Importance of the Official Secrets Act.

We must wonder how come there are so many brave and upright citizens alive in Kenya today, yet there are being lorded over by a so small number of cowards in power!

It will take score years to quantify the cubic meters of fart the GOK officials released to the universe today because of the simple and crisp assurance from the young people they hired with the obnoxious, arrogant hope that the young Kenyans would sign up to new slavery. The officials realized too late that they had opened their armories to pissed-off citizens already armed with advanced anti- BS detection and response systems.

And how so encouraging that the destruction of the cowards in power shall always be self inflicted.

Me I am hopeful and I love what the near future holds for Kenya.

The days of criminal complicity as governance and the state are numbered.

The day of slaughter of Kenya’s fattened bandits is nigh.

And the knives won’t even need to be as sharp for them to work.

No if but when…

Published by Nduko

Perpetual seeker of options for social justice and dignity for all humans. Introverted Activist. Transcreator of hope, love, beauty and revolution. Independent occasional worker.

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